Where Are We Going? (End Credit Theme)

by Phoebe Ryan, Stefan Weiner and Matt Parad

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The end credit theme from "The Sheol Express", written by Phoebe Ryan, Stefan Weiner (both of Town Hall) and Matt Parad.


are we there yet
are we there?
wish i had the captain's chair

compass spinning round and round
and every town is any town anywhere

where are we going?

wake me at the
end of the line
call my father, i'll tell him i'm fine

and i am glad you brought your stereo
now any house can be our home anywhere

a screened in porch and potted plants
hardwood floors so we can dance everywhere

took me most of my short life
to find the heart to hollow the light
there we stood beside the tracks
wave goodbye we'll find our own path

where are we going
where are we going
where are we going
where are we going
where are we going
where are we going
where are we?


released June 14, 2013




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